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The description of كتاب ابق قويا

Book - Stay Strong 365 Days a Year - By: Demi Lovato
Is a combination of development and biography, a memoir written continuously for a year or 365 days. Demi's memoir contains quotations from books, special words, tips, suggestions, reflections, daily goals and thoughts. The writer shares the fans' feelings and personal problems, hoping to help them and give them strength and inspiration, and of course succeeded in this task greatly. We must go beyond the culture of silence and fear of talking about some problems and subjects, we are in an open world and not in cages. The most wonderful book that Demi share with others what I learned from this life in a simple, intimate and close to the hearts. This book is for all ages but it is especially suitable for teenagers and young people - many of them do not find anyone to understand - and find it perfect for people who are bored of reading. Because his style is easy and there is no story of events, but only inspirational diary