• Current version: 1.00.0100
  • Requires android: 4.4
  • Date published: Mar 21, 2019
  • Content rating: Teen
  • Installs: 100,000 - 500,000
  • Official Trailer Video:
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The description of RebirthM

TOP Class Mobile MMORPG
Experience the battle and fantasy in a vast open world.
Be a Hero and dominate the with your play!

■ Authentic Mobile MMORPG
The Peace in the Arcross continent was punctuated by Choas.
Enjoy the game with millions of players and world wide friends.
We prepared plentiful fantasy and story, various contents including Boss Raid and Guild.

■ Enjoy the Real-Time online play.
Experience the high-quality full 3D graphics, and vast open world that allows you to fight in real-time!
Enjoy the perfect MMORPG with millions of people anywhere, anytime.

■ Explore the vast open field and PK battle field.
Experience the real-time open field PvP battle in PK zone!
1vs1 duel match is also possible without any disturbance.
You can make a party with a stranger in the field and share the trophy.

You can experience huge community through world, area, guild chat..
Join the guild and enjoy the 20vs20 huge scale battle with your guild.
Conquer the other camp with strategic!
Dozens of guild members can fight furiously at the same time.

• Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PlayRebirthGlobal/
• Community Page: https://goo.gl/8rfbZ
• CS Center: https://goo.gl/onX5uR
• CS 1:1 Inquiry : https://goo.gl/ZJdrVM

[Request App Permissions]
※ This privilege is used for the function to insert the attachments when receiving inquiries through 1:1 Customer Center within the game.

What's New

1. Modification the bug regarding Transform tutorial
2. Elimination the Antique exchange function
3. Error fixed regarding Elite Dungeon