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  • Current version: 1.0
  • Requires android: 4.0.3
  • Date published: Jul 07, 2019
  • Content rating: Everyone
  • Installs: 1 - 5
10-Month Compensation for 4 Stars - Babies aged 10 months are considered to be able to consume complementary food for breast milk (MPASI) because some baby reflexes are more organized than the early months of birth. Keep in mind that the texture must be appropriate so that children have no difficulty in swallowing food and body weight is always maintained

babies as young as 10 months have begun to be introduced to solid foods. For example fruit pulp, rice and also some animal protein, vegetable protein, carbohydrates, other additional fats.

In order not to get bored and make the little one do not want to eat, of course the menu selection must be precise and varied.

Find the best best recipe for 10 month 4 star MPASI for baby beloved babies starting from 10 months 4 Stars homemade, 10 months 4 star home recipes, 10 months 4 star menu that can make babies fat, Over 10 months 4 star weight gain.

In this Application Affected Recipes 10 Months 4 stars, there are a number of homemade mpasi food recipes for babies and are tested according to who. include:
- Up to 10 months 4 Star eggs
- for 10 months 4 Stars increase weight
- for 10 months 4 star chicken
- for 10 months 4 star beef
- mpasi 10 months 4 Stars that have not been teething
- mpasi 10 months 4 Star fish
- for 10 months 4 Slow cooker star
- mpasi 10 months 4 Star shrimp
- etc

Application Features:
- Recipe sharing feature
- Suitable for new mothers
- Good navigation and easy to use
- Faster and lighter
- Good search feature
- The size of the application is so small that it doesn't require a lot of smartphone memory.
- All 10-month 4-star recipe menus have been tested in a private kitchen

Download the 10-month 4-star MPASI Recipe application - Processed Menu and How to Make the Best Choice.
In this application there are various 4-month 4-star recipes with variations and steps that are clear and easy to follow.

Have a book recipe for complementary foods personally in your hands with our application.
* We will always update the Food Recipe Menu Book so that your variety of complementary foods will be more diverse.
* Don't forget to give the best rating and share it with your friends

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