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Recipe for Easy Layer Cake - Layer cake is a typical Indonesian food. This cake usually consists of two layers in layers, this gives the name of this cake. This cake is made from rice flour, starch, coconut milk, granulated sugar, salt and coloring. This cake is steamed every layer before then the top layer is added. Layer cake itself is included in the category of various wet cakes that cannot last long.

Cake is one of the dishes / foods that must be at home because there are many who like it.

In this application we provide a number of references How to make layer cakes that are delicious and fit on all tongues, one of which is;

- Recipe for Lapis Kue legit
- Recipe for rice flour Layer Cake
- Recipe for Wheat Flour Cake
- Recipe for Chocolate Layer Cake
- Recipe for Lapis Cake Surabaya
- Eid Lapis Cake Recipe
- Recipe for moss cake
- Recipe for steamed cake
- Recipe for Pearl Layer Cake
- etc

we have tried all recipes layer cakes in private kitchens, if you are still not satisfied don't worry, because we will always update the recipes / food application to add your cooking dictionary.

Find the best Secret of Easy Layer Cake Recipes with various variations ranging from Recipe for Cassava Layer Cake, Banana Layer Recipe, Pineapple Layer Recipe, Rolled Layer Recipe, Gelatin Layer Cake Recipe, Roasted Layer Cake Recipe , Milo Layer Cake Recipe, Colorful Layer Cake Recipe, Bangka Lapis Recipe, Eggless Layer Cake Recipe up to Layer Cake Recipe 10 special simple eggs to the special ones for your beloved family or for business (Selling / selling)

Various Layer Cake Recipes are cakes / traditional snacks Nusantara's culinary wealth that is still very popular both for relaxing with family members, and served in important events such as Eid and Christmas and other holidays.

Do you know how to make a tasty layer cake? How to Make Lapis Legit this turned out to be very easy and did not take long.

Want to try cooking your own delicious, tasty, tasty Lapis Cake for your family? Download the following application.

In-app features:
- Recipe sharing feature
- Bookmark feature
- Good navigation and easy to use
- Faster and lighter
- Good search feature

Download the Easy Layer Cake Recipe application - Processed Recipes and How to Make Delicious Layer Cake.
In this application there are various recipes for how to make layer cakes with variations and steps that are clear and easy to follow, of course, very practicable.
Have a personal cake recipe book in your hand with our application.

Note: We will always update food recipes so that your cooking dictionary is more complete.

We also provide a variety of other recipes such as: Recipe for 6 months, Recipe for 7 months, recipe for 8 months, recipe for 9 months, recipe for 12-24 months, various recipes for Indonesian chili, various pastries, various recipe for wet cakes of course all are the best for you.