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The description of zipang

  • Current version: 1.0.0
  • Requires android: 4.4
  • Date published: Jul 03, 2019
  • Content rating: Teen
  • Installs: 5 - 10
It combines detailed DB analysis and forecasting to provide practical forecasts and information. Final race is free! Dangerous popular horses, free routes such as rolling routes are also fulfilling!

■ Valuable free information
ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー
It is worth looking at this alone! The following information is available free of charge.

● Future of the final race
Offers free forecasts for over 280 races a year.
● Dangerous popular horse
There is a question about popularity! List the horses that were determined to be. It boasts of a high running rate.
● Roll
If you finish the race, you will earn one money. Rolled route x 3 plans by the featured axis horse.

■ Use of JRA official data
ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー
We collect and analyze past race results in detail from all angles, and aggregate more than 200 indicators per horse.

■ Data analysis + forecast = win win forecast
ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー
Provides a winning forecast combining data analysis and forecasting.
For horses that do not have actual data, such as horses that have not received such data, and corrections or forecasts that do not appear in the data, such as horses that have not been shown in the data, forecasts and corrections are performed by full-time personnel.

■ Amazing run rate! Dangerous popular horses are good!
ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー
The most popular horses are listed, focusing on the highly rated horses in each race. In addition, horses that are gaining in popularity among horses with low ratings are listed as "questioned for popularity".

■ Get big but hard races!
ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー
Extract the best buy eyes from the official odds.
We are adjusting the buying eye automatically so that the accuracy rate and the recovery rate can be improved simultaneously, such as turning the budget to the single stock of the shaft horse, and cheap sink buying eyes.

■ Cover the history of all races
ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー
Also pay attention to data that is likely to be omitted in the horse racing newspaper!
The history of all races from JRA official data is displayed.

■ If it is a complete run, it will cost you a thousand bucks!
ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー
Provides rolling route by popular axis horses.
We are releasing three rolling routes in conjunction with the buying plan from firmness to hole aiming. In addition, the fund allocation is automatically adjusted according to the change in odds.

■ Provision of forecasts
ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー
The race forecast will be provided from 13:00 to 21:00 on the day before the event.
※ We do not provide forecasts for new horses and obstacles. In addition, the forecast may not be provided for reasons such as the small number of runners.

■ Use in race units
ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー
Forecasts and information are available in units of one race. "Race ticket" is necessary for the use.

Race ticket price
500 pt: 480 yen
1,200 pt: 1,080 yen
2,400 pt: 2,000 yen
6,300 pt: 5,000 yen
13, 500 pt: 9, 800 yen

Payment for race ticket purchase will be charged to your Apple ID account when the purchase is confirmed.

・ Maximum charge
The racetrack where the ticket used reached 500pt is available for all races of the day: 500pt per racetrack. 1,200 pt per day: All races of the day can be used on the day (3 events held) when the ticket reached 1,200 pt.
・ Cancellation
Race tickets used in the canceled race will be returned after the end of all races. (We will not return race tickets that exceed the fees used.)

■ Use in flat-rate plan
ー ー ー ー ー ー ー ー
All race forecasts are available at a flat rate.
3,200 yen / month
15,800 yen / 6 months
26,800 yen / year

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